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Marty Mush of Barstool Sports Cries in Twitter Video that “Nothing Goes His Way.” @martymush @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente

Sometimes I don’t think the staff at Barstool Sports know how good they have it. After seeing Marty Mush’s video tonight acting like sad panda, he more than anyone does not realize just how good life is. It’s evident that the folks at Barstool bet heavily on these March Madness games. I can also appreciate the fact that they are high energy throughout the game, posting videos of their reactions while live streaming the game. But tonight, Barstool correspondent Marty Mush took things to a new level after he more or less cried into the camera complaining that “nothing goes his way” and that he just couldn’t handle the burden of his team not making free throws so he had to go “take a drive.”

After Mush shared his sob story into the camera, he posted the following on Twitter.

Earlier in the evening, he the games were going so badly he literally expressed the want to “die.”

Listen up Marty. I genuinely don’t think you realize how good life is. You are living the dream my friend. You have a dream job that every red blooded American male who has an avid interest in sports. For some ungodly reason, Dave Portnoy allows you to hang out at his office and literally have fun while collecting a paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is some work involved, but you’re literally complaining like the world is ending simply because you bet on a few games and lost. You sent a video sob story for the world to see and expect us to feel sorry for you?

Man, if you can’t afford the losses, don’t bet. But please, don’t cry a river to the Barstool fanbase simply because a game or two didn’t go your way. None of us feel bad for you.

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