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Marty Mush Banging Ria Following Her Breakup With Hank Lockwood? Chicks In The Office Might Have A New Reason Behind The Show – Dave Portnoy To Fire Mush?

Written by TrevStone

Woah, woah, woah! Life is strange but this seems even more strange. Barstool Sports employees sure seem to enjoy hooking up with each other and that’s okay.. but this is awkward.

Let’s give you a little background.

Ria Ciuffo who is a co-host on the show Chicks In The Office broke up with her then boyfriend Hank Lockwood, they both work for the same company, Barstool. Now that’s whatever but what I’m about to tell you? It’s kind of crazy. Ria has moved on and moved on to another coworker! Talk about drama. Ria is now with Marty Mush, they were seen holding hands, hugging and kissing each other in Seattle recently.

This is honestly wild. Talk about somewhat breaking bro code if your Marty. On the other side of things if you are Hank how would you feel about this? Has to be rough. Lose your chick to another coworker? I mean how long have Ria and Marty been talking?

This is crazy. On top of it now Dave Portnoy who runs Barstool Sports is tweeting about it. And posted an image of Marty Mush scratched off a show that they’re working on.

We all know that Ria is a dime. But what is she doing? What is she thinking?

Flip the page if you want to see hot pictures of Ria!

Update: Tom Brady Tweets Out Support For Hank:

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman Tweet Out Support For Hank Lockwood #TeamHank After Barstool Employee Ria Leaves Hank For Another Employee Marty Mush – Pro Sports Extra | –> click to read update!

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