Russell Wilson is one strange dude. There is no other way to put it. I have never been a fan of him. He is a complete narcissist. Going through invisible huddles and mental reps by himself.

It’s been well known that Richard Sherman had a beef with Wilson going back to the Super Bowl XLIX decision to throw it on 2nd & Goal. But now with all these things coming out about his time in Denver and things clearly not going well, maybe Richard Sherman was right. Maybe Russell was a diva who couldn’t take criticism and alienated his teammates. 

On Sherman’s podcast with former Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch on the show. Lynch, a friend to Wilson, CAN’T EVEN GET IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH HIM. It is insane. A guy who Lynch says he ‘went to war with’ can’t even call his friend to wish him well during these hard times. Instead, he can get in touch with his business manager to set up a time for the two to speak.

Lynch said, “If I can’t call you direct, I ain’t calling you,” he said. “Especially if I went to war with you.”

It’s hard not feel like a lot of Wilson’s former teammates appear to actively dislike him. Obviously there are some exceptions. But they are few and far between.

The more this stuff comes to light, the more I believe that the Broncos made a huge mistake. A franchise crushing mistake.

Wilson has been so bad with his new group that it is now openly frustrating his Broncos teammates:
Most of the Broncos offensive struggles can be traced back to Wilson.

The enormous contract and traded picks make this look catastrophic.

Worth the $245 million investment? Photo courtsey of Getty Images


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