Marshawn Lynch is going crazy on ESPN

Written by Noah Gagnon

Marshawn Lynch joined Eli and Peyton on their Monday Night Football telecast tonight, and it basically went as you’d expect Marshawn Lynch on ESPN to go… completely awesome. He was dropping F-Bombs, talking about Henessy, basically doing everything you’d want out of Marshawn.

Look at this, the guys talking about being three Henny shots deep before going on a nationally televised broadcast. But c’mon, lets not act like three shots is doing ANYTHING for a guy like Marshawn. The way I see it, he either actually took 3 shots and is completely sober, or he’s a little tuned up, but it’s more like 13 shots as opposed to 3. And honestly, I’m leaning towards the ladder. I’m pretty sure is Marshawn took the camera one room over we’d see about 25 strippers, a few empty Henny bottles, and an ungodly amount of marijuana. He just took a quick break from that to talk to the Manning boys for a few minutes.

Look at this one.

And there it is, Marshawn to curse cashes at about -1000 odds. But you know what, why do we act like the word ‘fuck’ is a big deal as if most of us don’t say/hear it 100x a day. The funny part about it is that you know there’s about 4 pant-suit-wearing, virtue-signaling ESPN execs that were completely panicking as soon as he said that. I’d like to imagine the behind the scenes of the ESPN production room looked like a scene from The Shining as soon as he said that.

I think they should do a YouTube stream just for Marshawn and let him break every rule imaginable. I’d watch that instead of Monday Night Football.

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