Marlon Vera vs Rob Font Gave me Faith in a potential Frankie Edgar Career Revitalization

Tonight Marlon Vera and Rob Font went through an absolute war. The fight was a total slugfest with hundreds of significant strikes being landed, and it ended with Vera claiming a unanimous decision victory. I thought Vera missed a few opportunities to end the fight, but regardless, this is all about the man Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar.

Frankie is a personal hero of mine, as his career single handedly made me a UFC fan, plus I’ve met him 3x and he rules. So, I really try to talk myself into anything that can make me believe he’s got one more title run in him, and after tonight, my confidence is sky-high.

With this win vs Font, Vera basically established himself as a top 5 contender in the division. Frankie was a minute away from beating Vera. If he avoids that brutal front kick, he wins that fight by decision, and it’s him whos the top 5 contender. You’re telling me he’s couldn’t beat Rob Font? He definitely could. And I love Sterling, but who knows, maybe Frank could beat him too. Let’s try to avoid Yan tho.

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