Marlins Pitcher Ejected; Winker is Baseball

Written by Nick30muench

Pablo Lopez of the Miami Marlins was ejected for “intentionally” throwing at Ronald Acuna Jr. While the video looks as if he did, some context might say otherwise.

Do the Braves and Marlins have a history? Yes. Has Ronald Acuna Jr. been hit intentionally by the Marlins before? Yes.

However, does Ronald Acuna Jr. have a known hole in his swing up and in? Also, yes. Pablo Lopez has struggled against the Braves and is known for sinkers and keeping the ball in the park. So after playing multiple series against them all year, now the Marlins have a problem again? That’s ridiculous. This puts the Marlins at a huge disadvantage for the rest of the series and the umpire crew should be ashamed.

On the lighthearted side of baseball, Jesse Winker was named an All-Star starter. His press conference talking about it made every baseball fan smile.

As a Cincinnati Reds fan, I’m so glad he’s on my team. This is the exact mentality you want every player to have, even if they aren’t on the team you root for. This is so refreshing to hear that no matter what, Jesse is a team player and genuinely cares about the city of Cincinnati.

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