Mark Davis is The Most Interesting Man Ever

I mean is there any lies detected in this statement? If you have the confidence to rock the absolutely worst haircut ever known to man and have more money than God than you deserve the right to be called the most interesting man ever to walk this Earth. Just look at the hair.

I just know this man fucks a ton. I would love if Mark would get his own T.V show where we could just watch what he does on a daily basis because I bet it would be one of the most entertaining programs on television because this guy seems absolutely nuts.

Like if you have a haircut and dress like this and aren’t locked up in jail you have to be one crazy SOB. He is so odd looking you cannot look away. I am almost memorized looking at him because he is iconic. The fact that he is sitting with fans tonight on Monday Night Football just adds to his legendary status for me.

He is something else Mark Davis but I would not have it any other way.

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