With USC in need of a head coach, a lot of names are getting thrown around. One that makes no sense to me is Mario Cristobal.

My first thought was that Mario was a USC alumni or was from the area. Nope. Mario went to Miami. No connection to USC at all.

Is USC a better organization than Oregon right now? I don’t think so. USC has fallen into the Texas and Michigan rut. A big name program that hasn’t been relevant for many years, and for some reason gets insane hype every year. Oregon is actually proven. They’ve made the college football playoff. USC hasn’t sniffed that accolade.

Why would Mario want to start a new project. He’s building Oregon up. The potential for a Ohio St, Alabama, Clemson like dynasty is there at Oregon. Would it likely come at USC? Yea probably. But he’s already almost there with Oregon. This idea makes no sense whatsoever.

I have no idea who gets this job. But if you’re a head coach at a already established school, why move? James Franklin should not leave Penn St for this job. And Mario should not be leaving Oregon for this job.


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