Marcus Williamson Speaks Out: “I just enjoy my brain and my health way too much to be hitting people”

Written by Jonathan Garner

Marcus Williamson, the senior cornerback at Ohio State decided to tweet out a lot of thoughts he had going through his head on new years eve/day. He was a man that has always been focused on football and never let social media get the best of him, but that changed on the night of the Rose Bowl as he watched his team play while he sat on his couch in Columbus. After following the stunning loss to Michigan late in the season, his team wasn’t preparing for a Big Ten title run like they have in years past. He said that it was different for him, he left a quote for us:

“It was really weird to just sit at home and be watching the games, not practicing, the coaches are off recruiting, and I said, ‘Wow I feel so good, so relaxed, to just…not have to hit anybody in a week,'” He explained in an interview with The Times, “Just feeling how great my mood was, how calm I felt…I just enjoy my brain and my health way too much to be hitting people.'”

Once the team strapped it up for the Rose Bowl practices, that was when he realized that he could not do it any longer. Forgoing any thought he had about entering into the NFL draft. It is still a debate whether he is on good terms or bad terms with the past & present coaches at OSU after seeing tweets like this:

This was tweeted out during the OSU/Utah game while OSU was trailing

An interesting topic going on right now throughout the entire sports world is, Urban Meyer. Marcus had this to tweet out regarding his young OSU career.

So has Marcus Williamson lost his mind and is now exposing all coaches and staff at OSU? Or is he trying to open up the eyes of the public to make them realize that the sport they are playing is very dangerous and something needs to change. We have all seen the incident that recently happened surrounding Antonio Brown, and everyone’s first thought was “CTE” now we have Marcus come out and say how much better he has felt once he didn’t hit someone in pads for just a single week. For the love of God, please do not cancel football! But there has been a few incidents in the past week that makes you wonder.. does their need to be a change?

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