Manchester City 2-Year Champions League Ban LIFTED

Written by Enzothree

As news broke yesterday, the world are hit with a truck of a news saying that Manchester City’s 2-year ban from the biggest competition in club football (or soccer as we say) was lifted to the dismay of many fans, coaches, pundits, and even leaders from European leagues.

Manchester City was facing a ban for breaking Financial Fair Play. In layman’s terms, Manchester City spent a FUCK TON of money to sign the world’s best players. Think of them as the Golden State Warriors in this situation and everyone essentially tried to play for second place.

European football has always been seen as corrupt. There are a lot of bribery and traces of corruption in its history and this could be seen as such. To put into context, Manchester City, whose team is already stacked, has a warchest north of 150 million British Pounds (nearly $190 million) to spend on players. Owned by a Shiekh Mansour, Manchester City can tap into the UAE elite’s $22 Billion net worth to virtually sign anyone he wants.

This decision has proved that money talks and the elites can do whatever they want and it’s definitely hard to argue against it being bad for the sport.

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