Man Had To Spend 24 Hours In A Waffle House After Losing A Fantasy Football Bet

Written by jwatry

The fantasy sports industry already makes billions of dollars each and every year. According to a report by Technavio, that is only poised to grow. Between 2021 and 2025, you can add another $5.2 BILLION to that already growing figure. The Fantasy Sports Market is not going away anytime soon. I am sure we all know friends and family members who are so enamored with setting lineups, making trades, being the league commissioner and spending countless hours every week making your own fantasy become a reality.

That sports dream turned into a nightmare for Lee Sanderlin, who came in last place in his fantasy football league. Like most leagues around the world, there are stakes involved. Most of the time it is just money. Other times, guys can be creative. The loser gets a bad tattoo? The loser pays for a trip somewhere? The loser is kicked OUT OF THE LEAGUE? The loser has to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House?

Yep, poor Lee not only came in last place and had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House, according to his Twitter account, the punishment was HIS idea! Oops. No way does one ever think they will be the bum who comes in last place, yet here we are. Before getting to his journey that was followed by thousands on social media, we should plug the Clarion Ledger, a part of the USA Today Network. Go check out Lee’s work there and everybody else who contributes. I have a soft spot for journalism and love to support it.

As the below posts indicates, each waffle he consumes does cut down one hour. Seems fair considering the circumstances…

He did note that he was allowed to hang out in the parking lot for a while and seemed to have his podcast playlist handy. The staff there was cool, and Lee made sure to note he would be very generous leaving tips. I don’t know about you, but I could pump out maybe two waffles to start…and then I don’t know. It may take me a couple hours to dive back into any food.

Ugh. My stomach hurts just reading this entire Twitter thread. Yikes, I love waffles as much as the next guy, but I would literally put my head down and sleep for five or six hours rather than toss waffles into my mouth one by one to shave off an hour. To lee’s credit, he had some fun with the entire ordeal, noting what was on the jukebox and even made fun of himself for his losing fantasy football lineup…

Okay, now I get it. Yeah, that will get you last place. For everybody looking for a happy ending, well, he survived. Lee ate 9 waffles, which would cut down 9 hours, meaning he spent 15 hours in a Waffle House. Goodness gracious man. All the props in the world to him. He is a hero to all of us but as he mentioned, maybe no more waffles for awhile. Or maybe ever. Next time let somebody else pick the punishment. Oh and don’t get last place!

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