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Mall of America Closed After Shooting Inside Nike Store

A scary scene happened at the Mall of America Thursday evening as a shooting occurred inside a Nike outlet in the mall, resulting in shoppers and tourists rushing for safety.

Down below is the (reported) video of the shooting itself in a tweet by Alpha News Minnesota.

Here’s another video of the shooting.

It is presumed by Twitter user, Brian, in the replies that a man in the white tank top is the alleged shooter.

You can see at the beginning of one of the clips that the man in a white tank top entering the store, presumably yelling to the people inside, and came out seconds after putting something in his fanny pack in another.

So far per a tweet by Nick Streiff, there has been no reported victims from the shooting, and the shooter had fled the scene. And after security personnel lifts the lockdown, the Mall will be closed for this evening.

**HEADLINE PHOTO COURTESY: Irma Londono/Twitter**

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