Madden22-Where is Aaron Rodgers-is Mahomes The next “G.O.A.T.”?

Written by EliHolland

MVP? Why was Aaron not included on the cover of this Madden22 MVP Edition?!

I am not a fan of Aaron Rodgers to say the least, but I can respect his game. Aaron was the clear MVP during the 2020-2021 season, but he’s not included on the cover of Madden22? I just don’t understand. Maybe it’s a situation where they didn’t want to touch Rodgers because of all the drama surrounding him and the Packers, I couldn’t tell you.

Mahomes Does Not belong on the cover of MVP Edition is Aaron Rodgers isn’t there either. Mahomes has 1NFL MVP, and Rodgers Has 2, also that second award happens to be the year of this Madden release. Understandably Tom Brady is on there, he was Super Bowl MVP, and he’s The “GOAT”, but why Mahomes?!

Sure maybe my opinion is a bit biased towards Patty Mahomes, seeing as I am a Chargers fan and he plays for the Chiefs, but he is NOT the next “GOAT”. Until I am proven Wrong, I refuse to believe that anyone will pass Tom Brady.

How can you even claim that Mahomes is the next goat when he only has the ONE ring? If Patty had 3 or more rings, I’d understand calling him the “future GOAT” but he simply is not there yet and maybe never will be. You have to take into account the competition that Mahomes is playing against, mediocre QBs and old man QBs. With the rise of new QBs who show great promise (Ex. Herbert, Burrow, Tua..), I can feel safe in saying the level of dominance that Mahomes brings will diminish greatly.

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