I have been waiting for this game since the last shitty one dropped. Madden is definitely a top game franchise among fans who even have interest in sports, but even though they are a top franchise 9/10 for the past few years this game has been garbage. I haven’t enjoyed wasting my time on a madden since Madden 16, me and my boys were rolling on that and then it was weird because 17 hit and the Madden gods stopped blessing us with fun.

I have yet to play the game(I’m about to buy it today to give a review) but since I haven’t played I’ve relied a lot on Twitter to see what people are thinking of the game. I forget though that around right now during Madden season its just everyone giving out codes to this fucking game. I mean how are you making money off it when every football player, madden creator or anyone of that nature they are just doing giveaway post. I have a passion of hate against giveaway post, sure part of my anger stems from never once winning a giveaway in my entire life but the other hate stems from it being all someone fucking posts about. If a celeb is having a giveaway trust me they are gonna post it 25 times in a week you won’t miss it.

I’ve read that it runs better on next gen console, which should be a no brainer but last year they fucked that up. My hopes are mainly just that the gameplay is smoother, less bugs in every single mode. We also need update throughly in Ultimate Team and updates on the bugs if they have as many as last year. A plus is that I have heard it’s an improvement from last year so for any fans who also were worried then don’t fear.


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