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Mac Jones Is A Scumbag For Trying To Injure Brian Burns With A Gator Roll

Fucking gator roll… every time. One of the most subtle dirtiest plays there is in football. It is literally how gators kill people.

And Mac Jones just got pummeled and decided he wasn’t going down alone. He felt the need to take Brian Burns out with him.

If you keep your eye on Mac at the bottom right of the screen you’ll see him turn into a little bitch.

This seriously needs to be penalized severely, right up there with targeting. We see this so often and it doesn’t always result in a serious injury but that is always in the intent.

Mac needs to be held accountable. But of course, he won’t. No one will even talk about it. And he’s obviously used to not facing consequences anyway.

I said this when he was drafted and was reassured after seeing his little vice-principal shuffle during the draft – the guy is going to be bust. It was just a take I had, moving forward it will be something I am actively rooting for.

Fuck you, Mac.

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