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Luka Doncic To Be NBA 2K22 Cover Athlete #NBA2K22 #MFFL @luka7doncic

Dallas Mavericks star guard and phenom Luka Doncic is going to be the upcoming cover for NBA 2K22. This only makes sense as Luka is being regarded as the best young basketball star with a stock that is increasing exponentially. Doncic came to the Mavericks in 2018 and has just ripped apart the entire league on his rise to fame.

CHILLS PEOPLE FUCKING CHILLS! 2K calling Luka a, “Walking Triple Double” is the biggest understatement of the century. Luka has been racking up statistics and proving himself to be a worthy star for my Dallas Mavericks. I mean the guys has played 3 seasons, and has a total of 36 Triple Doubles. Absolutely insane stuff coming from the Slovenian basketball player.

With being from the Dallas area seeing our stars get this kind of recognition means the world. Luka is an absolute star and quite literally has put the whole team on his back like a duffel bag and carried them to countless wins. While Doncic hasn’t had the most success in his first 2 playoff series in terms of winning the guy still puts on a fabulous display of basketball and averages the most points in playoff history. All while at the young age of 22. When I was that age I was getting ripped up and the local dive bars in college, so I can’t even begin to try and relate to Luka.

Let’s just hope we don’t get a repeat of Dirk and Steve Nash because I really want to see the team flourish with Luka at the helm. Even if that means the Mavericks netting star forward Kawhi Leonard.

Don’t fuck this up Cuban because the town needs this.

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