Luka Doncic Says Damian Lillard Deserved Starting All-Star Spot Over Him?

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

The NBA has finished it’s starting lineups for the All-Star game on March 7th and the biggest surprise is how Damian Lillard, who’s having a terrific season averaging 30 points per game and nearly shooting 40 percent from three point range, isn’t starting for the western conference. The person who replaced him is Luka Doncic, and he noted although he is having a great season Lillard should have the spot over him.

“I didn’t expect that I was going to start this game,” Doncic said. “I know that maybe Damian Lillard deserved it more than me.”

Doncic shouldn’t feel any guilt for being a starter because it’s a tremendous accomplishment, but you can’t deny Lillard is balling.

All I’m saying if two players are extremely close for all-star starting spot, the final decision should be based of team record, with that being said Lillard would take that win. The Mavericks are currently 13-15 while the Trail Blazers are 18-11.

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