Luka Doncic Gets Ejected For No Reason Proving Once Again The NBA Has A Reffing Issue

Written by Will

The Mavericks star Luka Doncic picked up his 15th technical last night and was ejected for no reason. We have seen this all year, NBA refs need to be stopped. Adam Silver needs step in and tell his guys to stop being the softest refs to ever exist. Refs get their feelings hurt because a player says something when they miss a call. Well do your damn job correctly and you won’t get yelled at. Stop calling everything a flagrant foul or a technical. Stop ejecting people because they question your call. Shit is ridiculous. This is ruining basketball and it has been happening all year.

Boban literally got ejected for nothing the other night. If player screwed up as much as the refs do, they wouldn’t have a job. Refs never get held accountable for messing up and it happens all the time. Instead, players get fined for criticizing refs when they deserve to be criticized. Apparently saying hell no is grounds for a technical.

Ridiculous, another reason the NBA has sucked this year is because of the refs. Refs need to be accountable for this type of crap. No one is going to watch the game when you’re ejecting star players for saying hell no. That is Luka’s 15th technical and is one away from a suspension. We should really start to suspend refs for how they are ruining basketball. Fix this please Adam Silver.

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