Luka Doncic and Ja Morant are Finally Back On The Court Today

It’s a great day for NBA fans today as Mavs superstar Luka Doncic and Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant will both suit up tonight as the Mavs will play the Golden State Warriors in Dallas and the Grizzlies will take on the cellar-dwelling Rockets in Memphis. 

Doncic, who missed more than a couple of weeks due to injury, will try to lift Dallas as the team is currently struggling drastically with his absence. They are in danger of missing the playoffs entirely and that would be a disaster for the Mavericks as they held championship aspirations ever since they acquired Kyrie Irving at the trade deadline.

Morant on the other hand, will ease into the lineup and come off the bench against the Rockets later today. After his gun incident in Denver a few weeks back, he was suspended by the NBA for eight games and sought help professionally to address his actions off the court.

But the Grizzlies are playing exceptionally well without Morant in the lineup and they are looking to secure one of the top two seeds in the west this season.

To say that the Mavs have been struggling is an understatement. The Kyrie-Luka tandem has yet to achieve significant results and their team is free-falling in the standings. They need every win to help their case in securing a playoff berth now that the season is coming to a close.

Seeing these couple of young superstars playing tonight will definitely provide a boost to their team and fans. 

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