LSU Will Wear Air-Conditioned Helmets

Written by Tony Ghaul

The LSU Tigers will wear “air-conditioned” helmets in practices and games for the upcoming 2023 season, after partnering with “Tigeraire.”

The helmets will be available to them for all practices and games this season.

Back in 2020, the LSU Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization filed a patent that offered cooling and circulation technology.

The cooling system, called the Football Cyclone V2, is installed into the helmets. It holds a five-hour charge and is available on the company’s website for $185.

Tigeraire says there are three different tube lines with air — one across the forehead and two down the sides that are moveable.

According to Tigeraire, the Cyclone is “a cooling air accelerator for your helmet and allows you to keep your cool, respond quicker, and remain present under stress while keeping you energized for long periods of time so you can outperform the competition.”

Other teams are bound to follow suit and adopt this potentially game-changing equipment. Until then, LSU might just have a slight edge on its foes.

Photo courtsey of Bobby Brummel | Source: WAFB

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