LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly’s Daughter OWNS Troll On Tik Tok #GeauxTigers

Written by austenlange

As many you know LSU has hired Ex-Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly and in his opening press conference at the LSU basketball game he, well I’ll just show you.

Like any good daughter does she took the defensive side when being pressed with questions of her father’s quickly developed Southern Twang.


Does Brian Kelly’s daughters deserve the daughter of the year award? Maybe not to him but this clapback might be the loudest one I’ve seen since Jackson Mahomes poured water on poor Ravens fans.

I’m sure behind closed doors Kelly is very happy his daughter stands up for him but outwardly that weird fuck is furious. My next question is WHY ARE YOU NOT SENDING YOUR DAUGHTER TO DA BOOT BRIAN.

Be all the way in with the program and they will love you endlessly, no questions. He’s already off on the wrong foot and I’m not happy about it.

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