LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly Being Mocked And Trolled By Fans On Social Media

Written by Tony Ghaul

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly is being mocked trolled on social media after his team is trounced by Florida State 45-24 in the season opening game.

Days before the game, Kelly was boasting on “The Brian Kelly Show” on Thursday night essentially guaranteeing a victory over Florida State. Kelly declared that his team would nonetheless “beat the heck out of Florida State.”

“There are still areas that are going to need to be improved. We’re going to take 15 freshmen on this trip and 14 transfers so nearly 40% of this travel roster are going to go overnight for the first time with LSU. And that’s not a disclaimer of any kind, we’re going to beat the heck out of Florida State,” said Kelly, via Dustin Lewis of Nole Gameday.

Fans quickly took to the Internet after LSU’s defeat.

Here is what Kelly said after the game.

“I’m quite aware of the score and I didn’t like the way we came out. I sensed it. I felt it. And I have to take accountability and responsibility for the way we came out in the second half. It’s disappointing, but the buck stops with me,” Kelly said. “And I have to get our football team to understand and recognize you have to play this game for four quarters with a mentality. 

Florida State ended up being the ones who put a beat down on the LSU. Brian Kelly should think twice about guaranteeing victories.

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly. Photo courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info

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