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LSU Gymnast Olivia ‘Livvy’ Dunne Goes Viral While Doing This In Bed

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Livvy Dunne cannot stop being talked about. Everywhere you look you’ll see her. Some people are even voting between her and the Cavinder twins on who is hotter.

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According to the SUN;

SPORTS Illustrated model Olivia Dunne is clearly enjoying her European vacation but it seems she doesn’t appreciate spending so much time talking on FaceTime.

The Louisiana State gymnast, 20, has shared a number of photos of herself in a variety of bikinis during her sun-drenched summer holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

She is taking time out in the Mediterranean following a hectic first half of 2023 after being part of the gymnastics team which finished fourth at the NCAA National Championships.

But she posted a cheeky video on TikTok of her pretending to faint twice, accompanied by the caption: “Can we FaceTime?”

“If he really wanted to talk face-to-face he would teleport,” she added, alongside an eye-roll emoji.

It is unclear who Livvy is talking about in the video.

She has kept her dating life firmly away from the public eye, with her current relationship status unknown.

In February, she sent her loyal fanbase into meltdown by teasing her “boyfriend reveal.”

The clip sees Livvy opening her arms wide for a hug to someone off-camera.

But she spins around and dances away from view – leaving fans in the dark about her potential beau.

Livvy captioned the video: “He’s just a little shy I swear.”

The New Jersey native is one of the country’s most popular college athletes.

She is estimated to rake in $3.2million annually through sponsorship deals and her online fame and was recently named among the top-ten most valuable NIL athletes in the USA by On3.

Livvy boasts around 11million followers across both TikTok and Instagram.

Her fame and popularity have risen significantly after announcing last month that she has become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

She recently revealed some behind-the-scenes photos from her shoot in Puerto Rico.

It showed the model preparing for her bikini snaps in the sun, where she was dubbed “arrestingly beautiful” by editor MJ Day.

Her trip to Italy follows recent excursions to Nashville, Tennessee with her friends, including LSU teammate, Elena Arenas, as well as a trip to New York where she attended a Taylor Swift concert.

The gymnast demonstrated her daredevil side by leaping into the Mediterranean from a high ledge.

Earlier this month Livvy went viral after collaborating with internet sensation Baby Gronk, a move which fans claimed made him the new ‘Rizz King’.

Recently she posted in bed… Check it out:

@livvy If he really wanted to talk face-to-face he would teleport🙄 #foryou #facetime ♬ original sound – R

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