LSU Bans Odell for two years for the “cash incident” and I couldn’t be happier.

Written by Noah Gagnon

LSU dropped the hammer on OBJ today, banning the diva wide receiver for his antics after the 2020 national championship, in which he pulled out hundreds of dollars in cash and gave it out to the players on the field after the game. It’ll be a two year ban for Beckham, and honestly, this gives me an insane amount of joy.

Odell Beckham is the most egotistical, self-centered athlete I’ve ever seen. The guy whipped out thousands of dollars in the middle of a championship celebration inside a packed stadium with cameras everywhere. He knew all of the attention would fall on him, and he didn’t give one fuck about those players. So, personally, I look this LSU imposed ban as more of a “we’re punishing you for being an narcissistic-douche” penalty than a booster violation.

I’m sure Coach O himself had a major say in this ban, punishing OBJ for interrupting his championship speech.

“This what y’all did!” Titillating analysis Odell, thank you. I actually wasn’t sure who did it thanks for the clarification.

If the interjection makes me this mad, I can’t imagine how mad it made Orgeron, so I’m glad he’s getting some revenge with this ban, but I’m sure if it were up to Coach O, Odell would have his locker room privileges stripped for life.

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