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LPGA Golfer Belen Mozo Is A Smoke Show; Bryson DeChambeau Has UFO Sighting?

Written by Chris Powers

Belen Mozo is a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour. As an amateur, Mozo won the British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship in 2006. Later that year she joined the USC Trojans golf team. After four years of collegiate golf, she turned professional, qualifying to join the LPGA Tour as a rookie in the 2011 season

While at the University of Southern California she was a four-time NCAA/All-American. She has enjoyed a successful amateur career, becoming the first player since 1972 to win both the Women’s British Amateur Championship and British Girls Amateur Championship. 

Belen is without question one of the hottest women on the LPGA tour. If you have never seen her before, be sure to scroll down and look at a few pictures of her.

In other golf news, Bryson DeChambeau claimed earlier this week on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio to have spotted a UFO while in Texas with insturctor Chris Como and friend Adam Hurley when they noticed “three little silver metallic discs” in the sky. See what DeChambeau had to say on the subject below:

“They were all moving in a triangle shape,” DeChambeau told hosts Gary McCord and Drew Stoltz. “We were out there for literally just under an hour thinking, ‘What the heck is this?’ Personally, I think that it’s some other life that we don’t understand or know as of right now. I don’t think it is other technology that we currently in this dimension understand.”

You can listen to the audio of DeChambeau discussing his UFO enoucnter below.

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