Lowe’s Fires 4X Cashier Of The Month, Jayjuan Young, For Absurd Reason | Black Man Fired For Till Having An Extra .37 Cents?

Written by TrevStone

Jayjuan Young posted on Facebook yesterday that he was fired from his job at Lowe’s.

The reasoning?

His till was over .37! You’re probably thinking “what?” because that’s the same thing that I was thinking when I heard this.

This is basically used as free change, a customer needs a couple pennies, you have it. If not that’s still an extra 37 cents to the store.

Apparently at Lowe’s that means you’ll end up fired.

He went on to explain how he enjoyed working at Lowe’s. He would come in to work for whatever was needed. He worked through his aunts passing. On top of it, he was fired before his 1 year!

This employee has won cashier of the month back to back, four times!

Since his firing he started a GoFundMe and if you’d be interested in donating, click here!

“Tomorrow would have been my Year at Lowe’s. In 11 months I’ve managed to become Cashier of The Month 4 times back to back. I got my On parking spot, I’ve gotten the store a lot of credit Apps, I’ve worked and worked and worked even in the passing of my Aunt. I took everyone shift even when I didn’t have too I used to stay over while other’s got to live their life.

I have managed to sing at 23 funerals and still go to work and do my BEST well…. Today they fired me because of 37 cents that was taken off of my register. “Free Change” 37 cents that was put back into the store. Out of everything I’ve provided 37 cents ended this Dream. Am I okay? Eh But I know God Has Better plan’s Please Keep Me In your prayers….” (NEW UPDATE ABOUT THIS, CLICK HERE!)

Lowe’s should be ashamed. (Click Here, JAYJUAN POSTED AN UPDATE)


If you are a nice person and looking to give back. My father has inoperable lung cancer and we have GoFundMe up for his treatment. I know you reading this are a stranger to myself and my family, but I figured I could ask in reality any amount helps even $5. Click here.

If you can’t donate anything sharing the GoFundMe helps.

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