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Love Is Dead: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Call It Quits

Written by austenlange

Today is one of the saddest days I’ve since the Jay Cutler Kristin Cavallari break up. True love truly did not prevail. A-Rod and J-Lo went public today and officially announced that they’re calling it quitsville. I know I’m not involved in this relationship in even the slightest manner but I feel for my guy A-Rod. A-Rod having this news break only days after he was named the new owner of the Timber Wolves. Talk about a whirlwind of emotions. I can’t even imagine how he’s feeling right now.

Oh wait, we know exactly how he feels. A-Rod like many grown men going through a divorce decided to take it to the IG Story. He posted what seems to be a whole montage of keepsakes from his relationship with Lopez. He even took the liberty to tag her in the post. Many may call this “desperate” or “lame” but I see it as A-Rod showing the world that the person he loves most in life (other than himself) needs to know that she won’t be forgotten. We don’t really even know how J-Lo feels because she won’t even take the time to post her emotions like grown man Alex Rodriguez does.

Love may not ever recover. I’m questioning all the relationships I’ve had in life now and if J-Lo and A-Rod can’t make then why should mine? A-Rod and J-Lo were the pinnacle of the perfect relationship and this divorce will definitely divide the entire country.

Let’s highlight some key moments in the relationship that might be some of the reason as to why the relationship ultimately met its demise.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Share First Photos from Bahamas Proposal |

The proposal. Now people may be inclined to say “Why is he wearing his World Series Ring while proposing?”, and my answer to that is, shut up. The man decided to wear his most expensive piece of jewelry (costs more than the ring he gave her) to state his dominance. J-Lo now knows that while he may love her, that she will never be more important to him than baseball. Now that’s something all seam heads can get behind.

Super Bowl video: Alex Rodriguez in the crowd cheering for Jennifer Lopez

A-Rod even was a giant supporter of his wife while she performed at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime. How many men do you know who are willing to go and watch their wife be objectified by the masses?? Not many.

Even Barstool Sports Mega Star Dan “Big Cat” Katz took to twitter to share his emotions on the breakup.

11:11 (make a wish)

A-Rod may not have been the perfect man but he love J-Lo as much as his cold cold heart would allow him to, and we applaud him for that. Hopefully he’s able to bounce back greater than ever. I for one hope he ends up with Shakira, could be electric.

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