Louisville Basketball is Deader than Dead

As per usual, Louisville had wickedly high expectations for their basketball team this season, but its only 2 games in and they’re already dead. They lost to Furman today. Furman. It was a buy game and they lost by eight at home. At what point do we just admit the program is dead?

Yeah they had that sick run when Pitino got those strippers a couple of years ago, but what have they done since then besides lose everyone who bets on them a ton of money? They had Jordan Nwora for a few years, so he was pretty sick, but he’s a lone star in what’s been an overwhelming pile of shit for the last 5 years. Are they ever gonna be on the level of duke or UNC? No! They’re not even the best team in their own state. These fans should just turn their attention to high school hopes or something because Louisville is done.

But, if you’re a Louisville fan reading this, you should consider just becoming a Kentucky fan. They’re coming off a terrible season of their own, so nobody would accuse you of being a front runner, and they’re definitely gonna be way better than Louisville this year. They won’t lose to Furman I promise you that.

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