Dennis Schroder didn’t leave the Los Angeles Lakers on the best of terms last season, as he was forced to sign a one-year deal with the Boston Celtics.

On Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, Schroder was part of the trade that saw him sent to the Houston Rockets. Some feel as if he could be bought out by the Rockets, just like Enes Kanter Freedom was.

If Schroder is bought out, the Lakers are interested in a reunion with him.

Schroder was apparently interested in returning to the Lakers even after the trade for Russell Westbrook happened, but he signed the one-year deal in Boston and the Lakers ended up signing Kendrick Nunn, who hasn’t played much this season.

In 49 games for Boston this season. Schroder has averaged 14.4 points and 4.2 assists for the Celtics. In 61 games for the Lakers last season, Schroder averaged 15.4 points and 5.8 assists.

Given the Lakers issues in 2021-2022 and especially with Westbrook, who was almost traded to the Houston Rockets, every little bit of help for the Lakers is welcomed and Schroder would be a decent player to bring back if Houston decides to buy out his contract.


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