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Los Angeles Chargers Sign New Quarterback; Patriots to Sign New QB?

It seems like the 2021 offseason has been full of quarterback drama, with many teams needing a new starting quarterback. Some teams have been active in free agency, while others are waiting to see how the NFL Draft plays out before making any moves.

It was reported on March 26th of last month that the Los Angeles Chargers signed Chase Daniel who most recently played for the Detroit Lions. Daniels signed a $1.075M contract that is good for one year. He will provide a great backup option to LAs’ starting quarterback, Justin Herbert who had eight 300-yard passing games and threw for at least three touchdowns six times.

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley had the following to say about Herbert:

“The best quarterbacks are great at the end of the game,” Staley said. “I think that Justin certainly expressed himself to the NFL in that way. What’s exciting is he’s just at the beginning.”

Coach Staley also had the following to say about the signing of Daniel:

“I know what Chase brings to the table. I was with Chase in 2018. (He has a) relationship with (offensive coordinator) Joe (Lombardi) in New Orleans. Chase has been doing this for a long time and there’s a reason for it. But we certainly see those two (Easton Stick & Daniel) competing for the No. 2 spot behind Justin (Herbert.) I’m excited about that because I think it’s going to make our team better.”

In other quarterback news, the QB controversy in New England has still not settled. Earlier this year, Cam Newton resigned with the Patriots for a 1 year extension worth $5.1M. The mere fact that the Patriots did not sign him for longer indicates they are still looking for their new franchise quarterback. It leads New England fans to believe that the Patriots may be drafting a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had the following to say on the subject:

“Honestly, I’m not that concerned what the general trends and all that are,” he said. “Just trying to help our team and find the best methods we can to make our team as competitive as we can, whatever that entails, and there’s certainly a lot of chapters in that book, a lot of different ways to do it.”

Team owner Robert Kraft also spoke on the matter:

“In the end, if you want to have a good, consistent winning football team, you can’t do it in free agency,” Kraft said. “You have to do it through the draft because that’s when you’re able to get people of great talent, whether it’s Willie McGinest or Tom Brady, you get them at a price where you can build the team and be competitive.”

Will the Patriots sign a quarterback in the draft? My assumption is that they likely will, but not until the later rounds. In the mean-time, Cam Newton is a formidable starting quarterback but is probably not going to be the long term solution.

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