Looking Back At The 2014 Detroit Lions

Written by Will

What a team. The best Lions team I have seen was by far the 2014 team. The first year of coach Jim Caldwell. This wasn’t the most exciting team, have to chalk that up to the 2011 team or 2016. 2011 was fun because it was the first time making the playoffs since 1999, Stafford throwing for over five thousand yards, and all the core pieces were young. Gave you so much hope. 2016 was probably the worst of those three teams but still a playoff team. Plus, those eight comeback wins were entertaining as hell. 2014 was overall the best, especially that defense.

The defense had some studs. Ndamukong Suh, DeAndre Levy, Glover Quinn, Ezekiel Ansah, and James Ihedigbo. This defense ranked second in total defense, second in yards allowed, and led the NFL in rushing defense. This was the only year Stafford played with a top ten defense. The offense was solid, led by Matthew Stafford who threw for 4,247 yards for 22 touchdowns on 60.3% completion. Then you had the likes of Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Brandon Pettigrew, Joquie Bell, and Reggie Bush. The season kicked off great with a win on Monday Night Football against the Giants.

The Lions had some great games that season. The comeback win against the Saints and Dolphins always come to mind.

The Lions went 11-5 with a chance to win the division but lost to Green Bay in week 17. This was the year the Lions could break the streak and win a playoff game for the first time since 1991, but the NFL and the refs had other plans.

Yep, the NFL couldn’t let the precious Cowboys lose to Detroit. Still pissed about that if you can’t tell. The Lons have lost in some crazy/controversial ways before but this was bad. It was the damn playoffs. This was the year for the Lions. What a team that was, hopefully Dan Campbell and company can get the Lions back to that defense.

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