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Looking Ahead to Upper Peninsula’s 906 Day

The month of September is just a little over a week away and the entire Upper Peninsula will be celebrated with the 906 Day. 

A Facebook event for the ‘unofficial’ holiday is planned for as a way for Yoopers to celebrate the way culture and significance it is represented here in the U.P. 

Bugsy Sailor, who’s known as the ‘Official Unofficial Ambassador of the Upper Peninsula’ and owner/operator of Upper Peninsula Supply Co., further explains why the day is popular around Yoopers alike.

Bugsy Sailor/Photo Courtesy: Sailor (Twitter)

“September 6 marks 906 Day, which celebrates the Upper Peninsula with a tip of the hat to the Upper Peninsula’s exclusive area code, 906,” Sailor said via email interview. “There is no area code in the United States so tightly woven with a demonym as 906 is with Yoopers, creating a unique and defined region, identity, and culture.”

Sailor also added that the day is marked for all Yoopers to enjoy themselves as Yoopers.

A few examples given out by Sailor include kicking back and firing up the saunas, dust off the cribbage boards, thaw out the pasties, and take a ride around with a kayak and explore the natural sights of the Upper Peninsula. He also would like to see lots of plaid shirts roaming around as well. 

He hopes that the Yooper necessities can be spread through everyone in the United States and not just in one region. 

“Our hope is that people take in a U.P. tradition or adventure that they’ve never done or haven’t done in a long time,” Sailor said. 

On the day of 906 Day, Sailor and the Upper Peninsula Supply Co. store have their biggest sale of the year as they offer a deal that is worth up to $9.06 for every sale both online and in store.

906 Day is set to begin at 9:06 a.m. on Friday, September 6. 

“906 Day happens everywhere Yoopers are located. People can participate at home, or through a community event or business,” Sailor said. 

You can view more information regarding 906 Day and the posting of the Facebook event here

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