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LOOK: Venus Williams Had Her Nip Slip During Sunday Night’s Oscars

The headlines from the 2022 Oscars awards show was dominated by the Chris Rock-Will Smith slap incident that was live in front of the world. However, there was also one little ‘slip up’ that also happened at the awards ceremony.

During the show, pro tennis star Venus Williams, who appeared to be sitting next to her sister, Serena, had her dress showing off her nipple showing off on camera during a speech live on TV.

The slip-up may have been forgotten and went under the radar after what happened between Smith and Chris Rock, but it did viral go on Twitter.

Here’s what some Twitter users said about Venus’s nip slip:

Venus hopefully will be thanking Will Smith for her wardrobe malfunction not being the most embarrassing part of the Oscars Sunday night.

Otherwise, she’ll be dominating the wardrobe news worse than Janet Jackson in the Super Bowl one year.

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