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LOOK: Travelers Make Way Up North Towards the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Memorial Day Weekend

Written by Nate

Today (Friday, May 28) starts Memorial Day weekend, which is considered to be the unofficial start to the summer/travel season. Whether plans they have going on this weekend, numerous travelers were seen flocking up northbound towards Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in droves.

Here are a few photos of long lines of traffic, captured throughout social media, that are lined up for a good portion of the highways such as Interstate 75.

This one from the Mackinac Bridge via WLUC TV6 shows most of the northbound lanes filled with travelers going up to the Upper Peninsula. Southbound lanes towards the Bridge are also consisted with traffic, but not as big as the one next to them.

Here are a couple more photos of those travelers flocking up north on the highways.

Photo Courtesy: Dave Bondy/Facebook

Not technically saying that all of those travelers are heading to the Upper Peninsula, but this is a sight to see. Especially with the progress the state overall has made with COVID-19 vaccinations and being at the winding stages of the pandemic.

Anyways, safe travels to those who are or aren’t traveling this holiday weekend. Happy early Memorial Day everyone!

**Headline Photo Courtesy to WLUC TV6/Facebook**

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