LOOK: The ‘Northwestern Crying Kid’ Has Officially Grown Up

Written by Nate

College basketball fans, do you all remember that Northwestern fan that was seen crying as his team was losing in the NCAA tournament one year?

Yes, that kid. Well it turns out that boy in that photo is all grown up now.

During tonight’s First Four game between Pittsburgh and Mississippi State, the viral fan, John Phillips, was seen on TV on one of the media tables with his dad, current ACC commissioner, Jim Phillips.

As it turns out, John is now reportedly a freshman in college. The school that he is attending is unknown.

The timing of the picture of John crying took place back in the 2017 NCAA Tournament, coincidentally the last time Northwestern last played in. Jim was the school’s athletic director at the time.

Once fans take a look at the side-by-side images of the young man, it’ll certainly give off the ‘damn, I feel old’ vibes for them. Trust us, most of us all the same way when we first heard and looked.

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