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LOOK: Robby Anderson is PISSED After Hearing Baker Mayfield Trade

After months of waiting and drama, it is finally over. Quarterback Baker Mayfield has officially been traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Carolina Panthers for a conditional fifth-round draft pick.

However, there was one Panthers players that is not happy about the trade-at all.

Via a tweet by Barstool Sports, Carolina wide receiver Robby Anderson saw the news of the Baker trade on Instagram, and let’s say he didn’t hold back on what he thought of it.

Oh boy. The Baker Mayfield-Carolina Panthers could already be off to a rocky start.

But we are going to see it from Robby’s view first. He received passes the last couple seasons from a variety of quarterbacks in Carolina. Such quarterbacks include Teddy Bridgewater, PJ Walker, Sam Darnold, and Cam Newton’ plus they just drafted Matt Corrall out of Ole Miss in the offseason.

It’s been a quite a mess in Carolina. However if the trade doesn’t work out for this season, Anderson will asking for a way out before football fans know it.

**HEADLINE PHOTO COURTESY: Carolina Panthers’s team website**

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