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‘Look in the Mirror’ Nate Burleson BURIES Amber Heard’s Lawyer in Viral Interview

It’s been a rough week for Amber Heard, her lawyers, and PR team after the verdict from the infamous Johnny Depp defamation case, and the day gotten worse for one of her lawyers on the CBS Morning Show.

In the video below, former NFL wide receiver and media personality Nate Burleson got into a heated debate with Elaine Bredehoft, who represented Heard in the case came onto the show to discuss the case.

Let’s say it didn’t go well for Bredehoft as she wanted or hoped as Burleson told the lawyer to ‘look in the mirror.’

The reason why Burleson said the quote is because Bredehoft made excuses and believed that her client (in Amber Heard) still won even after Depp proved that his ex-spouse defamed him and lied about her domestic abuse allegations.

And that is what we called a classic roasting; even sweeter since it occurred live on TV.

Sorry miss Bredehoft, but you and Amber both took massive Ls on the national stage and went viral for it. Time to own up to that!

You can view the full clip of the interview/debate here:

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