After the recent NFL Pro Bowl in Las Vegas star running back Alvin Kamara was arrested due to a fight he was in the night before. We didn’t hear much more it all seemed really confusing, until now. At first people didn’t know if it happened after the Pro Bowl or if it happened the night before.

There is a sports network run by Rob Little called, BlackSportsOnline, and they did some digging and found out who the guy is. The guy is Darnell Greene and not only that people have now found out his Instagram.

“Meanwhile, BSO has tracked down Darnell Greene’s Instagram page, where he goes by SquirtBuck. Mr. Greene says he is the CEO of a party-promoting management group called We Got Action Management.”

Mr. SquirtBuck has been posting images of his face and needless to say you’re going to want to see them.

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