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LOOK: Donald Trump ‘Keep America Great’ Sign Seen Hanging at Detroit’s Comerica Park

Written by Nate

It’s been over half a year since former U.S. President Donald Trump amid controversy, but it hasn’t stopped his core voters from expressing support.

Seen on Twitter via user Aims, a Trump ‘Keep America Great’ was hanging over the second deck stands at Comerica Park in Detroit early Thursday night during the Detroit Tigers game against the Baltimore Orioles.

As you can see in the photo, there were three men that was standing over the railing with the sign, appearing to be happy with what they’re doing.

It appeared that the sign was hung near by the video board at left field at the field, almost covering up one of the luxury boxes at the ballpark.

It is unknown on what happened after the photo was taken, but it is a strong possibility that it may have been taken down.

However it is not the first time this happened, there was a big ‘Trump Won, Save America’ sign that was hung at Fenway Park in Boston back in June. According to a post by, the sign violated stadium policies and the fan was kicked out due to the incident.

Let’s see what happens here with this sign hanging stuff in Detroit.

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Aims/Twitter**

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