New Orleans Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball has had of enough his father, LaVar, getting involved with his career. 

First reported by TMZ Sports, Lonzo went on record saying he has his taken full control of his career decisions away from LaVar and that the son doesn’t want his father further involved in any upcoming business decisions.

This came just a week removed after LaVar called his son ‘damaged goods’ during an argument over the Big Baller Brand name. 

“My dad has always been talking my whole life. It’s nothing different to me,” Lonzo said in an interview to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“I think what makes it easier is that I’m controlling everything now. You really can’t tell me what to do. This is my life, my career. I’m making all the decisions now.”

This would be considered a breath of fresh air for the Ball family despite the crappy comment from LaVar.

It also is considered that both people have cleared their minds as Lonzo said the argument was ‘all out of love.’ 

It’s part of life. I’m growing up. He has his ways, I have mine. We just got into it. That’s what fathers and sons do. As time goes on, at the end of the day, it’s always love. I know he loves me. I love him,” Lonzo explained. 


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