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Longtime Houston Astros Player Found Dead

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The past few years have not been the greatest for the Houston Astros organization. The franchise has been marred ever since their cheating scandal came to light after winning the World Series in 2017. After that was discovered, Astros Manager A.J. Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow were fired. Ever since then, players involved with the 2017 Astros team have been ridiculed by MLB fans across the country during games and on social media.

Unfortunately, last week the Astros organization received even more bad news when it was announced that former Astros player Tim Tolman passed away at the early age of 65 after battling a 10 year battle with Parkinsons disease.

Tolman wash the 12th overall pick by the Astros in the 1978 MLB draft. Eventually, Tolman was called up to the majors after performing well in Houston’s farm system and played for five years with the Astros. During his time with Houston, Tolman played in both the outfield and at first base. Tolman’s final season in the majors was in 1987 which he spent with the Detroit Tigers.

Like many retired players do, Tolman decided to pursue coaching after his playing career came to a close. He managed the Astros farm system during the early 90’s and later became a Scout for Houston. From there, he worked in a coaching capacity for other organizations such as the Cleveland Indians, Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners.

In other Houston Astros news, last month former star players Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio were inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Bagwell and Biggio are two of the most recognizes Houston Astros of all time, and had the following to say about their time spent in Houston:

“This is my home,” Bagwell said to a crowd of around 550 socially distanced patrons in an outdoor setting at Carlton Woods golf club in The Woodlands. “It’s where my kids were born, they live here, I live here. I live here because I love Houston and I love the people of Houston.
“People ask me, ‘Do you miss playing?’” Bagwell said. “I don’t miss playing. Playing is almost kind of like a job and it’s fun, but it’s the people that you meet, the lives that you can impact, the lives that impact me and my family. That’s just what it’s all about.
I look at Houston. I see people in this audience that I kind of grew up with. You guys are in different sports, whether it’s football, basketball, soccer, all the major sports. … We’ve all grown up together. I feel like Houston, this is family. We’re all family here. We all root for each other.”

“Our story is long, and I’m grateful to be recognized with you,” Biggio said to Bagwell. “We worked hard together, and hopefully we made a difference together in the game.”

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