Logan Paul VS. Jose Canseco Battle of Josie Canseco

Written by JohnnyB

So apparently to get people to watch boxing now a days it’s either Rough and Rowdy or taking internet stars vs washed up athletes. As you can see by the last fight there is a difference in “athletes” and boxing.

So yeah I expect every over extended had been who needs money and thinks they can still hack it will be doing this. It will be a blood bath, the Paul’s have been wrestling and boxing since they were in middle school. The next chump, Jose Canseco, this will end badly. Not only will he get laid out in the ring, he just took body shots from Logan on Twitter.

I mean really that’s your comeback? Come in Canseco he use to make your little squeal and that’s what you have? Terrible.

Logan use to date Josie Canseco, who is an absolute smoke by the way. I mean if Canseco can’t see that counter punch, how the fuck is he going to to see Paul’s right hook to the skull. This is a bad idea. Jose is old, was never really in great cardio shape, and wants to get in the ring with a young stud. Fuck it I mean I’ll buy it to watch the blood and shit talking.

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