Logan Paul to be on WWE Smackdown Live Next Week with Sami Zayn | @LoganPaul @SamiZayn

Written by Nate

Here’s some big news for groups of YouTube and WWE fans far and wide.

YouTuber Logan Paul, host of ‘Impaulsive,’ is expected to take part as a special guest in WWE Smackdown Live’s Red Carpet Premiere next week with super star Sami Zayn.

This was project to happen after Paul commented that Zayn was ‘disrespected’ as the WWE clip of him stating that he was going to be in the ‘least desirable match in history; least anticipated match of all-time.’

Both Logan and Sami have been recently going back and forth on the hay they think of the WWE’s treatment of Zayn, and let’s say they could be setting up for something big in the next couple weeks.

With Wrestlemania 37 coming around the corner, this could potentially be a great last-minute storyline with Logan making an appearance as his partner and possibly be future tag-team champions.

Liking the move that all parties are doing here, good moves for everyone.

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