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Logan Paul Is Trending Once Again… But For Something Good This Time?

Yesterday onn Logan Paul’s hit podcast Impaulsive, he made an argument that is trending across twitter. Except this time, it’s something people are agreeing with him on.

The argument was in regards to Harry Styles recent appearance on the cover of Vogue, wearing a dress. The Impaulsive co-hosts, Mike Majlak and George Janko were debating Logan on if the cover was “manly” or not.

In this clip, he defends Harry Styles by saying, “Isn’t it manly being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with who you are?”

Logan has definitely had his mess ups in the public eye, but as of recently it looks to be like he is becoming more and more popular, for the right reasons.

This statement shows that he’s come a long way since his early days of YouTube. It’s what’s expected, though, when you basically grow up with your entire life on the internet for millions of people to watch.

When I saw “Logan Paul” on my trending page, my first thought was “oh boy what now?” I’m sure that was his thought, too, when he saw his own name. But, this time, it was for voicing his opinion that many people on Twitter are applauding him for.

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