Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather face off ahead of fight

Written by Noah Gagnon

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are set to ‘box’ this Sunday, and today they faced off at the press conference. The face-off, like, happened, I guess, I don’t know. Am I really gonna sit here and comment on the face-off/press conference like we’re anticipating Ali/Frazier here? This is a fake boxing match between the worlds biggest asshole and the worlds second biggest asshole who happens to be an amazing boxer, who cares about the press conference?

Usually I’m a pretty big detractor of the whole illegally streaming fights thing, but you’d have to be a fool to actually buy this pay-per-view. A damn fool. I really only see two outcomes: Logan takes a dive (not shocking), or Floyd takes a dive (less likely, but he’s a clown.) Either way this things gonna be a complete shit show.

If you wanna see actual combat, watch UFC FIGHT NIGHT: Rozenstruik vs Sakai on Saturday. It’s a complete banger of a matchup that’s gonna have some absolute bombs being thrown. And then on Sunday when you’re bored, instead of watching Paul vs Mayweather, just watch some old UFC clips, old boxing clips, hell seek out some videos of homeless people fighting over garbage, any of that will be a better contest then Sunday.

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