2020 MLB DRAFT Results-Rounds 2-5, June 11th

Written by Dylan Steffen

Here we go with more coverage of the 2020 MLB Draft. This is the last night of picks.

June 11th- Round 2

The Astros and Red Sox forfeited their second-round picks as part of their penalties for illegally stealing signs.

The Angels, Braves, D-Backs, Phillies, and Yankees forfeited their second-round picks as a result of signing qualified free agents.

38. Detroit Tigers- C Dillon Dingler, Ohio State

39. Baltimore Orioles– OF Hudson Haskin, Tulane

40. Miami Marlins– P Daxton Fulton, Mustang HS

41. Kansas City Royals- P Ben Hernandez, De La Salle Institute

42. Toronto Blue Jays- P CJ Van Eyk, Florida State

43. Seattle Mariners- OF Zach DeLoach, Texas A&M

44. Pittsburgh Pirates- P Jared Jones, La Mirada HS

45. San Diego Padres- OF Owen Caissie, Notre Dame Catholic SS

46. Colorado Rockies- P Chris McMahon, Miami

47. Chicago White Sox- P Jared Kelley, Refugio HS

48. Cincinnati Reds- P Christian Roa, Texas A&M

49. San Francisco Giants- 3B Casey Schmitt, San Diego State

50. Texas Rangers– OF Evan Carter, Elizabethton High School

51. Chicago Cubs– P Burl Garraway, Dallas Baptis

52. New York Mets– P J.T. Ginn, Mississippi State

53. Milwaukee Brewers– SS Freddy Zamora, Miami

54. St. Louis Cardinals– SS Masyn Winn, Kingwood HS

55. Washington Nationals– P Cole Henry, LSU

56. Cleveland Indians– P Logan Allen, Florida International

57. Tampa Bay Rays– P Ian Seymour, Virginia Tech

58. Oakland Athletics– P Jeff Criswell, Michigan

59. Minnesota Twins– OF Alerick Soularie, Tennessee

60. Los Angeles Dodgers– P Landon Knack, East Tennessee State

June 11th-Competitive Balance Round B

61. Miami Marlins– P Kyle Nicolas, Ball State

62. Detroit Tigers- OF Daniel Cabrera, LSU

63. St. Louis Cardinals- P Tink Hence, Watson Chapel HS
Received from Rays via trade.

64. Seattle Mariners– P Connor Phillips, McLennan CC (TX)
Received from Brewers via trade.

65. Cincinnati Reds– C Jackson Miller, J.W. Mitchell HS (FL)

66. Los Angeles Dodgers– P Clayton Beeter, Texas Tech
Received from Twins via trade.

June 11th-Compensation Picks

67. San Francisco Giants– P Nick Swiney, North Carolina State
Compensation for Madison Bumgarner, who signed with the D-Backs. Arizona forfeited its second-round pick.

68. San Francisco Giants– SS Jimmy Glowenke, Dallas Baptist
Compensation for Will Smith, who signed with the Braves. Atlanta forfeited its second-round pick.

69. New York Mets– OF Isaiah Greene, Corona Senior HS (CA)
Compensation for Zack Wheeler, who signed with the Phillies. Philadelphia forfeited its second-round pick.

70. St. Louis Cardinals– OF Alec Burleson, East Carolina
Compensation for Marcell Ozuna, who signed with the Braves. Atlanta forfeited its third-round pick.

71. Washington Nationals– SS Sammy Infante, Monsignor Edward Pace HS
Compensation for Anthony Rendon, who signed with the Angels. Los Angeles forfeited its second-round pick.

72. Houston Astros– P Alex Santo II, Mount Saint Michael Academy (NY)
Compensation for Gerrit Cole, who signed with the Yankees. New York forfeited its second- and fifth-round picks.

June 11th-Remaining Rounds

The Twins forfeited their third-round pick for signing Josh Donaldson.
The Yankees forfeited their fifth-round pick for signing Gerrit Cole.

Round 3

73. Detroit Tigers- SS Trei Cruz, Rice

74. Baltimore Orioles- SS Anthony Servideo, Ole Miss

75. Miami Marlins- P Zach McCambley, Coastal Carolina

76. Kansas City Royals- OF Tyler Gentry, Alabama

77. Toronto Blue Jays- P Trent Palmer, Jacksonville University

78. Seattle Mariners- 2B Kaden Polcovich, Oklahoma State

79. Pittsburgh Pirates- P Nick Garcia, Chapman University

80. San Diego Padres- P Cole Wilcox, Georgia

81. Colorado Rockies- P Sam Weatherly, Clemson

82. Los Angeles Angels- OF David Calabrese, St. Elizabeth Catholic HS (ON)

83. Chicago White Sox- P Adisyn Coffey, Wabash Valley College (IL)

84. Cincinnati Reds- P Bryce Bonnin, Texas Tech

85. San Francisco Giants- P Kyle Harrison, De La Salle HS

86. Texas Rangers- P Tekoah Roby, Pine Forest HS

87. Philadelphia Phillies– SS Casey Martin, Arkansas

88. Chicago Cubs– OF Jordan Nwogu, Michigan

89. Boston Red Sox- 3B Blaze Jordan, DeSoto Central HS

90. Arizona Diamondbacks- P Liam Norris, Green Hope HS

91. New York Mets- SS Anthony Walters, San Diego State

92. Milwaukee Brewers- C Zavier Warren, Central Michigan

93. St. Louis Cardinals- P Levi Prater, Oklahoma

94. Washington Nationals-P Holden Powell, UCLA

95. Cleveland Indians- OF Petey Halpin, Mira Costa HS

96. Tampa Bay Rays- P Hunter Barnhart, St. Joseph HS

97. Atlanta Braves- OF Jesse Franklin V, Michigan

98. Oakland Athletics– OF Michael Guldberg, Georgia Tech

99. New York Yankees- OF Trevor Hauver, Arizona State

100. Los Angeles Dodgers- OF Jake Vogel, Huntington Beach HS (CA)

101. Houston Astros- P Tyler Brown, Vanderbilt

Round 4

102. Detroit Tigers- 3B Gage Workman, Arizona State

103. Baltimore Orioles- 3B Coby Mayo, Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)

104. Miami Marlins- P Jake Eder, Vanderbilt

105. Kansas City Royals- P Christian Chamberlain, Oregon State

106. Toronto Blue Jays- P Nick Frasso, Loyola Marymount University

107. Seattle Mariners- 3B Tyler Keenan, Ole Miss

108. Pittsburgh Pirates- P Jack Hartman, Appalachian State

109. San Diego Padres- P Levi Thomas, Troy University

110. Colorado Rockies- P Case Williams, Douglas County HS

111. Los Angeles Angels- SS Werner Blakely, Detroit Edison HS

112. Chicago White Sox- P Kade Mechals, Grand Canyon University

113. Cincinnati Reds- OF Mac Wainwright, St. Edward HS

114. San Francisco Giants- P R.J. Dabovich, Arizona State

115. Texas Rangers- P Dylan MacLean, Central Catholic HS

116. Philadelphia Phillies- P Carson Ragsdale, South Florida

117. Chicago Cubs- P Luke Little, San Jacinto College North

118. Boston Red Sox- P Jeremy Wu-Yelland, Hawaii

119. Arizona Diamondbacks- 3B A.J. Vukovich, East Troy HS

120. New York Mets- C Matthew Dyer, Arizona

121. Milwaukee Brewers- OF Joey Wiemer, Cincinnati

122. St. Louis Cardinals- P Ian Bedell, Missouri

123. Washington Nationals- C Brady Lindsly, Oklahoma

124. Cleveland Indians- SS Milan Tolentino, Santa Margarita HS

125. Tampa Bay Rays- SS Tanner Murray, University of California-Davis

126. Atlanta Braves- P Spencer Strider, Clemson

127. Oakland Athletics- P Dane Acker, Oklahoma

128. Minnesota Twins- P Marco Raya, United South HS

129. New York Yankees- P Beck Way, Northwest Florida State

130. Los Angeles Dodgers- C Carson Taylor, Virginia Tech

131. Houston Astros- OF Zach Daniels, Tennessee

Round 5

132. Detroit Tigers- SS Colt Keith, Biloxi HS

133. Baltimore Orioles- P Carter Baumler, Dowling Catholic HS

134. Miami Marlins-P Kyle Hurt, USC

135. Kansas City Royals- P Will Klein, Eastern Illinois

136. Toronto Blue Jays- OF Zach Britton, Louisville

137. Seattle Mariners- P Taylor Dollard, Cal Poly

138. Pittsburgh Pirates- P Logan Hofmann, Northwestern State

139. San Diego Padres- P Jagger Haynes, West Columbus HS

140. Colorado Rockies- SS Jack Blomgren, Michigan

141. Los Angeles Angels- P Adam Seminaris, Long Beach State

142. Chicago White Sox- P Bailey Horn, Auburn

143. Cincinnati Reds- P Joe Boyle, Notre Dame

144. San Francisco Giants- P Ryan Murphy, Le Moyne College

145. Texas Rangers- SS Thomas Saggese, Carlsbad HS (CA)

146. Philadelphia Phillies- OF Baron, Radcliff, Georgia Tech

147. Chicago Cubs– P Koen Moreno, Panther Creek HS

148. Boston Red Sox- P Shane Drohan, Florida State

149. Arizona Diamondbacks- P Brandon Pfaadt, Bellarmine

150. New York Mets- P Eric Orze, University of New Orleans

151. Milwaukee Brewers- SS Hayden Cantrelle, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

152. St. Louis Cardinals- OF LJ Jones IV, Long Beach State

153. Washington Nationals- P Mitchell Parker, San Jacinto College North

154. Cleveland Indians- P Mason Hickman, Vanderbilt

155. Tampa Bay Rays– P Jeffrey Hakanson, Central Florida

156. Atlanta Braves- P Bryce Elder, Texas

157. Oakland Athletics- P Stevie Emanuels, Washington

158. Minnesota Twins- OF Kala’i Rosario, Waiakea HS

159. Los Angeles Dodgers- P Gavin Stone, Central Arkansas

160. Houston Astros- SS Shay Whitcomb, UC San Diego


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