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Liv Morgan Will Be WWE Women’s Champion Before 2021 Ends! @yaonlylivvonce

Written by Chris Powers

I’m not sure if there is a harder working woman on the WWE roster than Liv Morgan. Scratch that, I’m not sure if there is a harder working superstar on the WWE roster than Liv Morgan. I didn’t know much about Liv when she was first brought up to the main roster, other than the fact that she was part of the Riott Squad. The faction had its moments on RAW in years past, but for the most part their TV time was limited and were often stuck losing matches to main event level talent.

But something was different after Liv Morgan returned last year. She had a renewed energy and a swagger that she didn’t have before. She has since shined in every segment she has been in. And in the past year, she was not only part of the Women’s Royal Rumble but also put on a stellar performance in the tag team qualifying match at WrestleMania. I’m not saying that Liv and Ruby Riott should break up any time soon, but I genuinely feel that Liv Morgan is destined for single’s success by year’s end.

In my personal opinion, Liv has the drive, the look and the talent to be the WWE Women’s champion on either the RAW or Smackdown brand. There are many compelling stories that can be told with Liv heading up the women’s division. I can only imagine the matches she could have with the likes of Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, Asuka, etc. Throwing Liv in the mix with those talents would produce excellent matches and entertaining television for sure.

The bottom line is, we need to see Liv moved into a compelling story line sooner than later on a singles basis. She shined during the storyline with Lana and Bobby Lashley. She can certainly shine again. Heck, it seems Asuka is out of the title picture right now. It would be the perfect time for Live to test herself and pick a fight with Asuka.

Hopefully she gets another solid singles run soon. Ya only live once, and hopefully Liv makes the most of it in 2021.

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