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Listen/Watch: @theanomaliespod – Ep. 55 – Oat Beverages, Descension, Donuts and Combat Sports

Written by Tyler Allen

We return to form with an episode with out a guest. we tackle a list of stuff, from the podcast description:

We open up with descension because Marco thought it was wise to drink a non-dairy product right before the show started. Tanner poses the question, what type of milk is your milk of choice and it turns into a hilarious debate. Next, we get into the shenanigans that TA was up to while recording the Chris Bower’s/Todd Mccomas two-parter with Bethie (TA’s Wife). Afterwords, Flegs poses the question “what’s the weirdest place you passed out?” We transition to Pat McAfee’s match against Adam Cole at NXT Takeover 30. The implications of this match from a business perspective, bringing in more casual fans, etc. Tanner opens up about buying a house, and how someone can buy one super fucking fast. Which goes into how ridiculous some prices are for real estate. Next we transition into MMA/ Boxing news. Many older combat sports veterans are feeling the need to get back into the ring. Jon Jones going up to heavyweight and Daniel Cormier heads to retirement. Lastly we get to the best question, “fresh or day old donuts!?” We wrap up with Thom Brennaman’s closing remarks as an announcer. Of Course we close out with Local Shit shows.

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