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Listen: Someone Let Out a Loud Fart on Live TV During Steelers-Chargers Game #SNF

Written by Nate

We all heard of hot mics catching foul mouths, chirps and hard hits on the football field, but who would have thought a hot mic would catch—a loud live fart?

As you can see in the brief video below, the mic for Sunday Night Football caught someone ripping ass.

At first, we couldn’t tell where the fart was coming from, but our guess would be either Pittsburgh Steelers center Kendrick Green or quarterback Ben Roethlisberger since it didn’t come from any of the Los Angeles Chargers players.

One Twitter user, Joseph Haywood, suggests it was Green by how Pittsburgh right guard Trai Turner tapping the leg of his teammate hoping he was still feeling good and ready.

However, someone else said it could have been Cris Collinsworth that let the fart out in the booth.

It’s a very intriguing mystery growing in our hands, yet it was funny for every viewer on Sunday Night Football tonight.

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