Listen: Dan Orlovsky Recalls Story of an Offensive Coordinator Who Fallen Asleep During a Game – @danorlovsky7

Written by Nate

Talk about a wild story here.

Former backup quarterback and current ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky has had a lot of memories (good and embarrassing) through his playing career, but here’s one that has been catching some ears.

In one of the episodes in Chris Long’s Green Light North Preview podcast, Orlovsky recalls a story of how an offensive coordinator had fallen asleep during the middle of a game and missed the start of a drive during his time with the Detroit Lions.

And apparently, he wasn’t joking around with this story.

Maybe that could be the reason why he ran out of the back of the endzone during the 0-16 season—maybe, maybe not.

Orlovsky did not mention the name of the coordinator, who did sleep on the job, but this story is a very funny and interesting one for Dan to tell here.

If you want to hear the episode with Dan for yourself, feel free to click here.

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